Effective Green Cleaning Tips for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Effective green cleaning tips for residential and commercial buildings

Green cleaning is an effective way of creating an impact on the climate and it is possible for everyone to contribute by following green cleaning tips while cleaning anything on daily basis. There are thousands of detergents and chemical cleaners available in the market, which are detrimental to our environment and human health while the hazardous effects of most of them have not been thoroughly tested. These cleaners and the water waste containing toxins result in serious health issues for the people who unfortunately get exposed to them. However, it must be emphasized that the situation can be either controlled or solved by following reasonable tips on a daily basis.

It is important to make a habit of green cleaning tips, including your carpets, which we have stated in this article so that the health of the individuals and the originality of the climate can be preserved.

Green Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most significant portions of the home where the food we eat is cooked. The cleanliness of this place is directly related to the health of the individuals. Some effective tips for kitchen cleaning are as follows:

  1. Use vinegar or diluted vinegar solution to clean the stove. When vinegar is applied, let it perform cleaning for almost 15 minutes after which wipe it away. Now rinse the stove with hot water.
  2. Clean the oven after heating anything with the help of an aluminum foil. This will remove sticky food items from the oven.
  3. Remove grease and oil from utensils and other items in the kitchen with the help of baking soda.
  4. Use lemon juice or lemon oil to clean dirty utensils.
  5. Stainless steel can be perfectly cleaned with the help of baking soda and a sponge.

Green Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms and bathrooms are the second most important places in a house, which need to be thoroughly cleaned. Residents of the building spend most of the time in room, on furniture and upholstery, and breathe in this air. Similarly, bathrooms can be moist and damp places where contaminants can grow. Therefore, they need to be properly cleaned. Some green cleaning tips to follow are as under:

  1. Keep the rooms ventilated so that there is the availability of fresh air. Keep a few windows open so that fresh air from outside comes in and mold does not start to form. Use the filter on windows if there is the possibility of contaminants coming from inside.
  2. Keep the areas under the bed, chairs, and table dry so that microbial do not grow here.
  3. Use natural flagrant to drive away the insects.
  4. Safeguard the rooms and bathrooms from water damage.

Green Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Laundry

Laundry room and machines should be properly clean so that contaminants do not infect the clothes that we wear. It is entirely possible that contaminants from these places spread to all the clothes and cause health issues. Laundry room should be moisture free and the temperature of the room should be maintained. The laundry machine should not be kept open. Some insect or microbial reseller should be used in this room.