How Baking Soda is a Great Ingredient in the Cleaning Process?

Baking soda is one of the top ingredients used in nearly all the cleaning products. It is a non-toxic ingredient; that is why we usually use it at home. To understand how great baking soda is, it is used in the following products.
• Laundry Soap.
• Deodorization Products.
• Scrubbing Products.
• Home-made recipes.
We love simple and quick cleaning tips. That is why we offer our readers these recipes. Just have a box of baking soda and a mason jar. We will make one basic recipe and use it in 3 different ways.
• You can either mix up once recipe with one scent or mix up a couple of jars with different scents.
• It does not matter. The different scents can be used for different purposes while one scent can be used as a universal cleaner. It is up to you and the process is customizable. The Ingredients will include:
• 2 cups of baking soda
• 20-30 drops of essential oil. Our recommended essential oil is lemon and clove but it is totally up to you.
• Get a container with a lid or shaker top. Our recommended container is the Mason jar. They all work. If you tried one of them and it did not work perfectly, use something else. Here is the process.
• Put baking soda in the container with a piece of parchment paper like a cone to avoid any kind of a mess.
• Add essential oil to the baking soda.
• Use a kitchen knife and combine them together.
• Store the mixture in a cool place.
• Use a lid. If you want to make an odor absorber, take the lid off. Once you have the mixture ready, you can use it immediately.

Here are the main uses of this recipe.

Scrubbing the Sink

The great thing about this recipe is that it is so simple yet it is so powerful. You probably know that the sink is the dirtiest spot in your whole home. Here is how you can use it. • Make the sink wet.
• Sprinkle liberally in your sink.
• Add a squirt or two of the mixture.
• Scrub with a sink-safe scrubber.
• Rinse thoroughly then dry.

Mattress Freshener:

If it is spring already or if there is a strange odor in your mattress, the mixture we have just made can be used to eliminate any scent. Usually, you will need about 1/4 cup of baking soda to cover the surface of a queen or king mattress. We recommend using lavender essential oil to make the scent great and lovely. For more info click here Idaho Falls Upholstery Cleaner.

How to effectively perform acid spill cleaning process

Acid spill cleaning process

Acid spill cleaning process requires extreme care and professional literacy on the part of the workers in order to achieve the best results. Acid substances may be found in industry, labs, and homes in different forms and for different purposes. In industry, they are used in different manufacturing and cleaning processes. In labs as important reactants and in homes, on carpets and upholstery for cleaning purposes. Since they are frequently used, there is a high chance of an acid spillage, which will need immediate attention. Therefore, it is necessary to be fully prepared to perform an acid spill cleaning process as any delay can result in exacerbating the damages and harmful impacts, like mold.

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How to effectively perform the Refrigerator Cleaning Process

The Refrigerator Cleaning Process

The refrigerator is an important household or building appliance in which all the eatables are stored, therefore, it is extremely important to regularly perform the refrigerator cleaning process. The quality of the eatables depends upon the working of the refrigerator as well as the inside environment of the refrigerator cabinets. There are two types of cleaning which needs to perform in case of a refrigerator, i.e. the inside cleaning and the outside cleaning. The inside green cleaning involves the cleaning of the inner cabinets and storage portions of the refrigerator while the outside cleaning involves the cleaning of hardware parts of the appliance.

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Effective Green Cleaning Tips for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Effective green cleaning tips for residential and commercial buildings

Green cleaning is an effective way of creating an impact on the climate and it is possible for everyone to contribute by following green cleaning tips while cleaning anything on daily basis. There are thousands of detergents and chemical cleaners available in the market, which are detrimental to our environment and human health while the hazardous effects of most of them have not been thoroughly tested. These cleaners and the water waste containing toxins result in serious health issues for the people who unfortunately get exposed to them. However, it must be emphasized that the situation can be either controlled or solved by following reasonable tips on a daily basis.

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How to select Upholstery Fabric that is easy to clean

Best upholstery fabric for cleaning

It is a fact that choosing the right kind of upholstery fabric can safeguard you from a number of problems in the future. In case home or commercial building where the upholstery is placed is more used to a lot of guests or if you are the kind of person who does not like to regularly clean the upholstery items of your home or offices, it is recommended to put some effort into determining which kind of upholstery fabric is best suited. There are different kinds of upholstery fabric that can be selected, which are easy to clean.

These tips are shared by Idaho Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, an Idaho Falls upholstery cleaner that sees a lot of dirty homes.

The common type of Fabrics to use on Upholstery

Some of the common types of fabrics that are used to cover the upholstery are as follows:

  1. Organic Material Covers: These materials are organic and naturally occurring such as wool, linen, velvet, cotton etc. These are widely used since they are more comfortable to sit on. However, there is some downside to these materials as they are more susceptible to damage and stains.
  2. Inorganic Material Covers: These are the fabricated or manufactured materials such as nylon, synthetic leather etc. These materials are usually stiff but they are easy to clean in comparison to the organic materials.
  3. Long Fiber Covers: These covers have long fibers and usually they are good looking. However, they are easily damaged by dust and stains while it takes more effort to clean them. Similarly, the pet hairs are tangled in them more easily as compared to other types of materials.

Things to Consider before choosing the Upholstery Fabric

There is a lot of aspects that you should consider before choosing the upholstery covers. A few of them are as follows:

  1. The expected use of furniture: The upholstery fabric should be chosen depending upon their expected use. If the furniture is expected to take more wear and tear, then fabricated materials should be used which will be more easy to clean. However, if the furniture is to be used on rare occasions then a cover should be used which is more comfortable and good looking. Regular cleaning should be applied, however, in order to increase the life of the material.
  2. Presence of Pets in Home: Pets are good partners at home but they also severely damage the upholstery and carpet fabric. They can scratch the covers and tarnish their beauty while at the same time; their hair can stick in there, which requires proper cleaning process. In case there are pets in the home, it is advised to use the inorganic materials, which will be easy to clean while if there are no pets in the home than organic covers can be used.
  3. Presence of Children: It is important to consider if there are children at home since they are more likely to rough use the furniture and regular cleaning may be required.
  4. Guests and Visitors: In commercial buildings, if a lot of guests or visitors are expected then suitable fabric material should be used so that it can be quickly cleaned.


It is stated that putting a little time in choosing the most suitable fabric saves a lot of time in the longer run. 

How to apply the Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Process

applying the encapsulation carpet cleaning process to a bedroom

Encapsulation Carpet cleaning process is a type of the Dry Carpet Cleaning technique, however, the semantics of this process is slightly different from those of other types of dry carpet cleaning techniques. It is highly useful in situations where a quick cleaning of rugs and new carpets is required. Mostly, in an office environment where there is a need to keep the carpet clean even during the work hours, encapsulation carpet cleaning can come in handy. It does not involve the application of water or moisture component, which is why the dry cleaning can be carried out even during the work hours. Similarly, since no moisture component is involved, the drying period is also short which means that vacuuming can also be carried out shortly after the application of the cleaning agent.

Common Equipment and Supplies for Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

It is also of the types of dry carpet cleaning techniques, which have become possible due to the technological innovation in this field. It involves the use of a special machine, which can smoothly apply the cleaning component on the rug and a vacuum cleaner which can suck the residue.

Equipment and supplies required in the Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Chemical Sprayer: It will be used to smoothly spray the chemical on to the surface of the carpet. The gadget should be accurate and precise so that all areas of the carpet are covered.
  2. Rotary or Cylindrical Brush/Pads Machine: This machine is used to properly apply the chemical on the carpet so that it can encapsulate the particles of dirt and other impurities.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner: It is used to suck the residue of the chemical, which encapsulates the dirt and sand particles on the carpet. Vacuum Cleaning is an integral part of the encapsulation carpet cleaning.
  4. Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant: A chemical or compound is required to be sprayed over the surface of the carpet in order to encapsulate the particles in this process.

Mandatory Steps Involved in the Cleaning Process

The procedure of the cleaning process is standard and easy to follow for cleaning workers and household individuals. Following are some of the common steps involved in this process of carpet cleaning:

  1. In the first step, there is a need to thoroughly vacuum the carpet so that any large size unwanted item or particle can be removed. This will also remove the suspension particles in the upper layer.
  2. Now, the upper layer particles have been removed and the dirt particles attached with the fibers or in the bottom need to be removed. Apply the Double Strength Encapsulant chemical on the carpet using the sprayer.
  3. Use the rotary machine having brush or pads to properly apply the chemical on the carpet.
  4. Let the chemical to dwell for some time so that the chemical crystallizes the dirt particles. The dwelling process usually takes up to 15 minutes.
  5. The crystallized particles are now ready to be sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

This brings a clean and pleasant look to the carpet while at the same time enhancing the life of the carpet.

How to Clean Moldy Carpets

cleaning moldy carpets

It is extremely important to clean moldy carpets since apart from affecting the outlook of the carpet; mold causes serious health hazards for the inhabitants of the building. Therefore, while it is always advised to take preventive measures for keeping the carpets clean, it is also pertinent to perform a cleaning process in order to kill off the already grown mold. However, it is important that either the help of a professional be sought for performing the cleaning process or someone who is not allergic to mold performs it. Since mold can trigger an allergic response resulting in health complications, a non-allergic person should clean moldy carpets.

It is also advisable to perform a complete mold test in the home in order to determine all the places where the mold has grown since only cleaning the carpet is not enough. Mold growing in other parts of the home and especially in the HVAC system will spread shortly after few says of the cleaning process.

Testing the Presence of Mold in Homes and Commercial Buildings

Before starting the cleaning process, it is recommended to perform a test to detect the presence of mold in the buildings. Today, you can find kits in the market, which can be used to test the presence of mold.

In order to check the presence of mold you can perform the following steps:

  1. Take a test kit from the market and protect yourself as recommended.
  2. There will be tape in the kit, which is used to take a sample.
  3. Cover the areas with tape where the presence of mold is suspected.
  4. Now, put the tape in a sample box and send it to the laboratory.
  5. Clearly mark, which parts of the home correspond to which sample box.
  6. When the test results are received, the presence of mold will be determined.

There is a system available in the market, which also tests the presence of mold in the air.

The process to Clean Moldy Carpets

In order to clean moldy carpets, you first need to take the precautionary measures. Some of the precautionary measures include covering your eyes, mouth, and hands. The byproducts of mold are usually toxic and they can attack even a healthy person. It is extremely important to cover your mouth so that the mold particles do not enter.

Cleaning the Moldy Carpets

In order to clean the moldy carpets, a detergent will be required to kill off the mold. Followings steps will guide in the process to clean moldy carpets:

  1. Get the moldy carpets outside and let them dry for some time.
  2. Now, vacuum clean the carpets to remove the dust particles.
  3. Once the general cleaning has been performed, pour the hot water on the carpet. Water should be heated to an optimum level so that it does not damage the carpets.
  4. Now, apply the detergent on the carpet. A shampoo or Lysol solution is usually used for this purpose.
  5. With the help of a scrubber, apply the detergent on all parts.
  6. Clean the carpets with hot water again.
  7. Now, dry the carpets so that no moisture is left behind.

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